We Made A Necessary Change!

MarkoRadio Welcomes

MarkoRadio is proud to announce that we are now using a new streaming service for our Live Stream, GLIMESH.

We would like to thank you for sticking with us through some rough stages of the game with all of the video/audio buffering on the live stream as experienced with MixCloud.

Many of you may remember when we were forced to seek MixCloud to provide Live Streaming after Facebook Live tightened regulations on the use of audio/music on a live stream.  In fact, we STILL get asked why we are no longer on Facebook Live.  Just understand that we do NOT intend to limit the quality of programming on to fly under the Facebook radar!

We were initially very happy with the service provided by MixCloud for our Live Stream Video/Audio service.  However, as of the last few months, the quality of their service diminished to the point it was not useable by us to provide the live stream to you.  There were many times that we simply could not continue the show because of the constant buffering.  We were certainly not getting the service for the monthly fee we were paying.

After making several attempts to contact MixCloud regarding the poor quality of the service that they were providing, while continuing to provide such poor service.   MixCloud would not return our emails or respond to the many technical cases that we opened regarding the issues.

While researching MixCloud, we reached out to many other DJ’s/VJ’s paying for the use of their streaming services and learned, they too, were experiencing major issues with no response from MixCloud.

During our research, we learned that MixCloud is also in the process of changing their account system from a 2-tier system to a 3-tier system, which would also include rate increases and adding rates to previously free services, as follows:

  • Pro-User Account will pay for Live Streaming, as they have in the past, however, the monthly fee will be increased.  This level will be for Live Streaming only and will NOT allow the broadcast to be stored in either video and/or audio format.  In other words, once the Stream is over, it will never be heard and seen again.  Should the Pro-User wish to store the audio from the Stream on the server for anyone to listen to, they will have to also purchase additional coverage as a Storage User.
  • Storage User Account will NOT be able to Live Stream but will be able to upload their audio recorded show to the server for listeners to enjoy and/or the Storage User to add to their personal website to be listened to as an imbedded audio player.  This level was previous offered at no charge but will be adding a monthly fee for this service.
  • User Account is being added and will be necessary for anyone wishing to view Live Streams and/or listen to recorded up-loaded audio presentations by the Storage Users.  This account, as we understand it, will NOT be available to the User free of charge.  This would mean, anything you view or listen to on MixCloud would have a monthly fee associated with it as well.

While we understand that there are expenses involved with bringing you quality programming, we do not feel that the average listener should have to pay to participate in a fee for watching and/or listening to a live stream.

Due to all of the issues that we have experienced with MixCloud, as well as the changes they are making that will affect you, we have decided it is in everyone’s best interest to part ways with MixCloud.

We are very optimistic about GLIMESH streaming service, and thus far has proven to be very stable for streaming.  Should you experience any issues while viewing and/or listening to the Live Stream on GLIMESH, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know what issues you are experiencing, so we can address them.